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Cradle of Hope

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G-d's Glory Cloud

This Cloud has appeared to Bro. Deckard three times during the course of his ministry.

These pictures have been examined by experts proving their authenticity. When the cloud appears, all manner of healings, miracles, salvation and deliverance comes to those who come in contact with the cloud. The cloud has demonstrated the glory of G-d to such an extent that many of other religions fall on their faces and receive Jesus as their L-rd and Savior.


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Prophetic Signs


Bro. Deckard is a born again Jew that G-d has called to the office of the Prophet. He has established over 160 churches around the world.  G-d called him to be a Prophet sent to the nations and Bro. Deckard has prophesied to leaders and nations throughout the world. A few of the Prophesies that G-d gave to Bro. Deckard which have come to pass are as follows:


  • Prophesied the coming of the AIDs Epidemic 2 years before it was discovered. He told the people that the government would try to cover it up but in the end they would have to reveal it.
  • Prophesied that Prime Minister Sandiford of Barbados would be resigning from office.
  • Prophesied that the cold war would end and the Berlin Wall would be no more, 1 year before it took place. He also Prophesied that the threat during the cold war was not Russia; it would come from the Middle East
  • Prophesied that the tornado activity in America would become greater than ever before known on record.
  • Prophesied that old diseases that the world thought had been eradicated would return and that they would become immune to our modern day medicines now being used. 
  • Prophesied the flooding of the great Mississippi River 6 months before it occurred.
  • Prophesied the coming of the first war with Iraq [Desert Storm], and then prophesied that America would have to go back and finish the job at a later date.
  • Prophesied the beginning of the European Common Market and the struggle that they would have accomplishing the task.
  • Prophesied the events of 911 five years before it occurred.
  • Prophesied that the Islamic religion would become the fastest growing religion in the United States. This was in 1990, and today it is a known fact that this has come to pass.


Bro. Deckard has given signs to every nation that he has stepped foot upon that they might know G-d has sent a Prophet unto them:  

  • Prophesied that the four year drought would be broken in Central Africa three days after he departed from the nation. This occurred exactly as G-d had spoken.  
  • In the Philippines Prophesied that a volcano which had been dormant for 500 years would erupt as a sign that G-d had sent him there. This occurred two years later.
  • Prophesied in Guyana, South America that flood waters would flow into the drinking water and thousands would become ill. This occurred shortly thereafter.
  • Prophesied a great drought would come upon the land of Madagascar. This occurred three months later.  

These are a few of the Prophecies that Bro. Deckard has been given by G-d.


 For America


This nation has become a stench in the nostrils of G-d and it is too late to turn His judgment back. G-dís spirit will no longer strive with America and America is in for a long, hard fall. I realize this is not what people want to hear, but this is what the L-rd is saying.

America, prepare thyself to receive the judgments of your G-d. I gave thee of the fatness of the land and put strength within thee to overcome nations and kingdoms. But you now think that it was something that you have done within yourselves to have accomplished these things. Woe unto you and your mighty men of valor. For I the L-rd G-d shall bring to nought your strength and ability to overcome. It is I the L-rd G-d that does bring forth kings and nations and it is I that tears them down. You have become an abomination to me. Your priests and seers are as sleeping dogs that have refused to repent and seek me with a whole heart. They minister for their own gain. I the L-rd G-d will bring them to nought and turn them over to believe a lie. I will cause the storms, earthquakes, and floods to become stronger and more frequent. I will send a sword through the land and will cause families to be at odds one to another, killing and being killed. Tumult will be throughout the land and your streets will run with blood. Famine will I send in the land and you will watch as your children die from hunger. I tried over and over again to reason with you oí nation, but you would have me not. We will now see as you have thought to have become your own god if you can deliver these people in their time of trouble. I will laugh at you and call you a foolish nation. You have forsaken the Living G-d and I have now forsaken you. You will know in the end that I am the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I was in the beginning and so shall I be in the end.

These are not things that are going to take place overnight. It will transpire very slowly as it already has; seemingly as though there has been nothing take place. This nation has become accustomed to all the storms, earthquakes, fires, floods, and everything else that the L-rd has sent to try to get the attention of the church and this nation.

The days that lie ahead for the United States and the world are going to become very trying times. The church is slipping deeper and deeper into a coma from which only a remnant will awaken. It is this remnant that will do the great exploits in these last days.

We must keep the faith and not be drawn into the snare that is now set for all mankind.

The End Time Messenger

June/July 1994


The Church desperately needs to experience once again the unadulterated power of G-d.

The church is once again being transitioned into position for the end-times.

Many of G-dís saints will miss this transition because most of the church is asleep.



Cradle of Hope is a non-profit, religious organization.

We build churches, orphanages, hospitals and schools throughout the third world.  

We hold crusades which see thousands brought to Christ

through the demonstration of the power of G-dís Word through the Holy Ghost.



Statement of Faith


We of Cradle of Hope do believe that Jesus is the Son of Almighty G-d the Father.  He came as the Messiah to become once and for all the perfect sacrifice as the Lamb of G-d. He died for all of mankindís sin so that all that come to him would have eternal life. Three days after he died  he was raised from the dead and now sits at the right hand side of the Father making intersession for all who have received him. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues separate from salvation. We believe in healing, deliverance, miracles, signs and wonders. We believe in the use of the five fold ministry and the function of each of these five offices within the church. We believe in the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. We believe in the working of the spiritual gifts that Apostle Paul identified in I Corinthians the 12th chapter.


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