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17th Annual Sukkot 2022 at Cassopolis, MI

In the Cass County Fairgrounds

340 N O'Keefe St.

Cassopolis, MI

Sukkot Event Schedule

Sundown Sunday, October 9th to Sundown Sunday, October 16th

Jewish New Year 5783

October 10th, 2022 is a Sabbath Day

The 15nd of Tishrei is a Sabbath Day Lev. 23:34,35[KJV]

October 17th, 2022 is a Sabbath Day

The 22nd of Tishrei [8th day] is a Sabbath Day Lev. 23:39[KJV]

The House of Ephriam and Cradle of Hope are pleased to invite you to 17th Annual Sukkot 2022 at Cassopolis, MI

Join us for a packed week filled with fun, fellowship, and ministry!

Items to Bring to Camp:

  • Your Sukkah (tent, camper, trailer, or motor home) [Water/Electric hook ups available]
  • Please provide your own meals, pop, and snacks [see meals below]
  • Bring lawn chairs and tables, coolers, camping supplies ,bedding
  • Dress appropriately for weather and modesty
  • Bring your own towels and bath supplies [washrooms/showers available]
  • Bring shofars [optional]
  • Parents provide their own supervision for children
  • No pets
  • Bring your own Raised Fire Pit [Required to have a campsite fire]

Campground regulations require all campsite fires be in a raised fire pit!

Due to DNR regulations, firewood cannot be brought across state lines.

There is plenty of room for walking and for children to play.

Some games and activities will be available, or you can bring your own.

Campsites are $25.00 per night.

The campsite will be available for those who wish to come early or stay late.


You will need to provide your own food for your family.

Registration Form

Let us know what days you will be able to attend.

please mark the nights you will attend.










**You may come earlier and/or stay longer.

Campsite cost: $25.00/night

X $25.00

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check and Money Order.

***Credit card payments must be completed BY October 4th!***



Make Checks out to:

Cradle of Hope

PO Box 610

Mt.Carmel, IL 62863


Office Hours: 8am-4pm (CST) Mon-Fri

*Info required



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